How much does being unhappy really cost us?

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Last week we talked about being happy. But have you ever thought about the price of being unhappy? Think about it..

When you’re unhappy, how do you feel?
When you’re sad, how do you feel?
Or when you’re mad, how do you feel?

How does that dictate your day? And why would you want to feel even worse?

What if someone were to tell you the price of being happy was a million dollars.. it could be a MILLION dollars. Right!? But the price of being unhappy was worth one dollar. Ok, so every time you’re unhappy, you had to pay 100 million dollars, and every time you’re happy you were paid a million dollars.. or some crazy, abstract comparison like that. In my opinion it would really have to be that huge of a difference.

When you’re happy, as we discussed last week, you’re more productive, more focused, your energy is up, and you’re more of a joy to be around.

However, when you’re unhappy, you’re not creative, you’re not productive, your whole day is lost, and no one really wants to be around you. That’s just being honest.

What is the price for you to be unhappy?

Why would you make yourself feel worse? Why would you make yourself feel bad? Why?

We’ve had this discussion a few times and I know we’ve talked about this in different blogs, what would you do, or why would you try to make things worse for yourself?

Or better yet, why would you not try to make yourself as happy as possible?

But we keep making ourselves unhappy. I, personally feel bad when I’m unhappy. Do you feel bad when you’re unhappy? Then why do you want to keep replicating it?

Just like we talked about last week. How much better do you feel when you’re happy? So why do we keep making ourselves unhappy?

We go into a partnership with someone you don’t like..
You go to a job you don’t like..
You live in an apartment or an area you don’t like..
You spend time doing things you don’t like..

There has to be a reason you keep putting yourself in that position and I want to challenge you to really think about what that reason is. And then take it one step farther, and come up with a plan, or an idea to get out of that situation.

Life is better when you’re happy people. #thinkaboutit