Why do you doubt yourself?

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Think about it… why would you want to doubt yourself? It makes no sense. What good could possibly come from doubt?

We’ve had these discussions…
“Who’s your best self?”
“How do you want to be?”
“Write your goals down!”

…and these are all super important things to focus on. But if we’re focusing on them, working on them becoming our reality, and we’ve got doubt in our minds…how would we ever accomplish the “who” and “what?!”

Doubt is nothing more than a road block that will allow you to stumble and fall, and can even throw you completely off track. So…why do we doubt ourselves?

In order to get rid of doubt, we first have to realize we are doing it.

Let’s put our thinking caps on… Do you recall doubting yourself when you start walking out of your bedroom in the morning, arriving at the gym, or even when you are holding a fork to your face thinking that the food might not make it?

Really simple things that aren’t technically something to fret about, right?

But doubting ourselves about the little things inhibits our mind to doubt when we do the bigger things. You are actually training yourself to self-doubt! And based upon what? Usually because “we haven’t done it before” or someone else has told us “it won’t work.”

Okay, well…do you want to believe that doubt or do you want to vanish that doubt? So that’s what I’m talking about today.

Poof! Gone! That’s enough of it.

Embrace the challenge, embrace what’s going to happen, embrace life!

You can handle any little and big situation and the first step is believing in yourself. I understand it takes time and several steps are involved. But that’s what I want to encourage you to start doing today… VANISH the doubt! We don’t have time for this stuff.


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