What are your intentions?

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What are your intentions? Think about it..

We have goals. We have the will. We have our imagination to make things happen… We have all these types of things, right?! But what are your intentions?

I’m reading this book right now by Wayne Dyer talking about, “the power of intention.” There is this invisible energy that yields us to do x, y, and z. Will is involved, imagination is involved… all of these other things (we already said that… okay). But truly what are your intentions to do something?

If you intend to walk across the street, that’s an intention. Still powerful. Still an intention. But let’s take it a step further. Is your intention to have this great fulfilling love.. great fulfilling career.. this great fulfilling ______ (fill in the blank)..?

Do you think about your intention or do you just walk across the street? And “OH. Somebody hit me… Okay, well, I intended for that NOT to happen.” ..right!

Well in life we intend for all these things to happen – that we WANT to happen. Think about your intentions for the rest of your life… or your intentions to walk across the street which is simple… but our intentions for life we don’t keep simple. Why is that?

Your intention to be more successful, to have this better relationship, or to have a great day. Why do we make it so much harder!? It really isn’t that much harder! But we make it harder for ourselves… Focus on keeping your intentions simple! Or at least HAVE intentions to keep them solid and successful. #thinkaboutit

When our actions are based on good intentions, our soul has no regrets