Do you love the process?

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How many of you love the process? Not many of you do.. Think about it…

If you think about all these great achievements that you’ve had in your life, how many times did you say, “I LOVED waking up tired!,” “I LOVED feeling like crap,” “I LOVED knowing that I was getting further and further away from my goal, but eventually I would do it” ..?

Almost none of you have said that to yourselves in the process. You kept thinking about, “Man I want to accomplish this goal.. I want to have this achievement… this success!”

But did you ever LOVE the process?

It seems, and I know in my life and with our clients, the ones who love the process are showing up day in and day out, focused on doing what they’re trying to accomplish little by little, step by step… those are the ones who are constantly more successful!

Do you love the process?


fall in love with the process

How much do you really push yourself?

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How often are you pushing your strength? Think about it..

In our classes, in your own weight lifting, on your own… how often are you pushing this – your strength? This comes up a lot in our group classes when someone (male or female, doesn’t matter) will say to me, “Should we be doing this much weight? …I’m going to get hurt… This weight is going to smash and fall on my head.” And in all this time, over ten years of training, I’ve never had a client do that. Does it mean that it is impossible from happening? No, it doesn’t. But I just wonder why do we always go to that space? Why do we always say, “Oh, if this happens… or oh I’m going to get hurt.”

That’s how you get STRONGER!

You get stronger by pushing increasingly more weight each week or every couple of weeks. And again, like we’ve said in other blogs, you can push it more and you can pull it back too on some weeks… but if you don’t push those strength limits then you’re going to get older, more frail, and your body is never going to change its composition. It will always be the same.

So, think about it, why would you not push yourself to be stronger all the time? That makes no sense! And I don’t want to hear more about, especially from women pushing weight, “I’m going to have these big strong muscles and arms.” You’re not going to be that way!

If you lift progressively more weight every single week, you are probably going to be lean, mean, and looking fit. It is medically and physically impossible for women to look this way. We show our female clients between ages 12 to 62 how when they lift more weight, their body composition actually becomes lower, they feel better, have less injuries and are better off with that… so you’re NOT going to be bulky women.

And then guys, “Oh well, you know, I can’t do this. I hurt my shoulder.” That’s what we hear a lot… GO TO A DOCTOR. GO see somebody to help.

The key here is to continually push yourself each week to grow stronger and make progress. Because if you’re not pushing to better yourself week by week, then what are you striving for?


strength doesn't come from  what you can do; it comes from overcoming things you once thought you couldn't do

How do you perceive obstacles in your life?

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What good are obstacles? Think about it..

Obstacles are always looked at as being something we have to overcome; we all have to deal with it and we have to figure something out to get around, over, under… however, OVER them.

But are obstacles good?

Yeah, I think so. I think obstacles are great! Honestly, I think most of what we consider to be an “obstacle” isn’t really an obstacle at all. I think what we refrain to as an obstacle at times, is really something that is just going to take some getting used to; or you have to get over or you have to accomplish it, right?

It’s interesting to me… we keep using that word “obstacles” as if it’s a bad thing. But I think an obstacle is something you have to get around or get over… it can even be considered as a learning curve or an experience in which you will grow stronger, more resilient through. When did “obstacle” become such a negative word? So is it really an obstacle or something that just happens? Something that goes wrong or something else you have to get through, get over, or get under. I think it’s all in the mindset and in how you look at it.

But why do we call them obstacles?

Obstacles are something you’re dodging on a mud runners course. It’s impossible to not have things come up or something happen in life, but is what you’re facing really an obstacle that you’re overcoming or is it just living life a lot of the time?


quote about obstacles

Do you challenge your own perspective?

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What’s your perspective… think about it.

Like you grew up a certain way, you lived a certain way and you believe certain things. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “Maybe my perspective is wrong?” or “Maybe my perspective is different.”

That’s one of those challenges we face as a fitness coach, trying to figure out where people are coming from. Why are they doing what we’re prescribing them to do? And why are they staying on this program? Or why aren’t they staying on this program?


It’s so important too because let’s say you have a client, let’s take a weight loss person, for instance, who their whole life has always been heavy and their family has always struggled with obesity… been a family that has always eaten a high carb, soda & sugar diet, etc.; is it reasonable for us to assume that they will be able to change their lifestyle instantaneously? Probably no, not likely.

But if you don’t have that consciousness to think about their perspectives, how are you going to help them? And I think this applies to anyone. Your next door neighbor, spouse, best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, family member, whoever… You might not have to understand where people are coming from, but you do have to understand why they think what they think. You don’t’ have to agree or disagree with them, but you do need to understand why they think certain things and the way that they think.

But I will say, you really don’t want to keep pushing people to do what you want them to do or to think what you want them to think. You want people to have their own authentic experience and authentic ideas. You want people to authentically and organically get to where they want to get to.

As a fitness coach, yes, keep giving them options and talking about stuff but allow their perspectives lead them, their goals, and their own lifestyle.


less perfection. more authenticity

How important is adventure in your life?

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How much adventure is in your life? Think about it..

Adventure can mean a lot of things… Adventure can mean going to a race track for the first time ever and watching an event. Adventure can mean being in a race car, participating in a racetrack event… or it could mean going to a theme park and riding a bunch of rides… it could be traveling to a new place you’ve never been before.

But how much adventure do you have in your life?

I know that’s one thing me and my wife Becky have been trying to do a lot of since we had Harper this past year, is trying to find some fun things to do. By “fun things” it’s not us traveling across the world, it’s just us doing simple things. For instance, this past weekend we went to San Diego for the day, something really, really simple. Another could be going to the zoo, getting together with family, being with friends. I know it’s fun for us too to go someplace different.

So think about that, how much adventure do you have in your life? And also, if you don’t have adventure are you really leading exciting lives or are you at least trying something different? You’ve got to do something different and have that adventure be a part of your life and I promise you, you’ll feel a lot more balanced out because of it.


blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures

September Client Spotlight: Kimmarie Simonsen

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This month we would like to celebrate a very special client and friend, Kimmarie Simonsen. Kimmarie is the kind of person who always makes her presence known in class with a huge smile, infectious laugh and friendly personality. She is known for cheering on her fellow boot campers, all the while challenging herself to reach her own fitness goals. She welcomes each and every new person in class with a smile and a hand shake and makes sure to learn their name. Kimmarie has consistently met and exceeded our expectations and pushed herself to lose weight and gain strength. She is our pint-sized powerhouse!

In her personal life, Kimmarie is a devoted wife and mother. She is active in church and often volunteers her time to help others. She has a huge heart, and makes everyone around her feel special. And did we mention she also has a killer sense of humor?!

And P.S. If you need an insurance agent who knows her stuff and always has your best interests in mind, she is your gal!

Kimmarie, Wright Way would not be the same without you. You have changed all of our lives for the better and taught us so much. Becky and I are very thankful for you! Keep killin’ it lady!

What are your intentions?

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What are your intentions? Think about it..

We have goals. We have the will. We have our imagination to make things happen… We have all these types of things, right?! But what are your intentions?

I’m reading this book right now by Wayne Dyer talking about, “the power of intention.” There is this invisible energy that yields us to do x, y, and z. Will is involved, imagination is involved… all of these other things (we already said that… okay). But truly what are your intentions to do something?

If you intend to walk across the street, that’s an intention. Still powerful. Still an intention. But let’s take it a step further. Is your intention to have this great fulfilling love.. great fulfilling career.. this great fulfilling ______ (fill in the blank)..?

Do you think about your intention or do you just walk across the street? And “OH. Somebody hit me… Okay, well, I intended for that NOT to happen.” ..right!

Well in life we intend for all these things to happen – that we WANT to happen. Think about your intentions for the rest of your life… or your intentions to walk across the street which is simple… but our intentions for life we don’t keep simple. Why is that?

Your intention to be more successful, to have this better relationship, or to have a great day. Why do we make it so much harder!? It really isn’t that much harder! But we make it harder for ourselves… Focus on keeping your intentions simple! Or at least HAVE intentions to keep them solid and successful. #thinkaboutit

When our actions are based on good intentions, our soul has no regrets

How do you perceive your future?

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Think about it..

What do you look at or what do you see ahead of yourself?

Do you look and see great things? Do you see doubt? Success?
Do you look ahead and see all the things you’ve imagined and are you in touch with what you want to believe will happen?

I think that is something we don’t look at enough. What do we see? Or HOW do we see what we see? What are you doing today that will bring your future realistic picture to life? Are you driven, determined, focused and staying on track to pursue your goals?

I think that’s something we don’t look at enough.

If we keep our eyes set on what we want our future to look like, we’ll find ourselves working harder each day to achieve the goal of getting there.

So, WHAT do you see? Or how do you see the future? Are you willing to sacrifice, put in extra hours, change bad habits and possibly lose a lot of sleep? You’ll do whatever it takes if you truly desire your goals. It’s up to you. #thinkaboutit

even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now

Why do you doubt yourself?

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Think about it… why would you want to doubt yourself? It makes no sense. What good could possibly come from doubt?

We’ve had these discussions…
“Who’s your best self?”
“How do you want to be?”
“Write your goals down!”

…and these are all super important things to focus on. But if we’re focusing on them, working on them becoming our reality, and we’ve got doubt in our minds…how would we ever accomplish the “who” and “what?!”

Doubt is nothing more than a road block that will allow you to stumble and fall, and can even throw you completely off track. So…why do we doubt ourselves?

In order to get rid of doubt, we first have to realize we are doing it.

Let’s put our thinking caps on… Do you recall doubting yourself when you start walking out of your bedroom in the morning, arriving at the gym, or even when you are holding a fork to your face thinking that the food might not make it?

Really simple things that aren’t technically something to fret about, right?

But doubting ourselves about the little things inhibits our mind to doubt when we do the bigger things. You are actually training yourself to self-doubt! And based upon what? Usually because “we haven’t done it before” or someone else has told us “it won’t work.”

Okay, well…do you want to believe that doubt or do you want to vanish that doubt? So that’s what I’m talking about today.

Poof! Gone! That’s enough of it.

Embrace the challenge, embrace what’s going to happen, embrace life!

You can handle any little and big situation and the first step is believing in yourself. I understand it takes time and several steps are involved. But that’s what I want to encourage you to start doing today… VANISH the doubt! We don’t have time for this stuff.


quote about doubt

How much does being unhappy really cost us?

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Last week we talked about being happy. But have you ever thought about the price of being unhappy? Think about it..

When you’re unhappy, how do you feel?
When you’re sad, how do you feel?
Or when you’re mad, how do you feel?

How does that dictate your day? And why would you want to feel even worse?

What if someone were to tell you the price of being happy was a million dollars.. it could be a MILLION dollars. Right!? But the price of being unhappy was worth one dollar. Ok, so every time you’re unhappy, you had to pay 100 million dollars, and every time you’re happy you were paid a million dollars.. or some crazy, abstract comparison like that. In my opinion it would really have to be that huge of a difference.

When you’re happy, as we discussed last week, you’re more productive, more focused, your energy is up, and you’re more of a joy to be around.

However, when you’re unhappy, you’re not creative, you’re not productive, your whole day is lost, and no one really wants to be around you. That’s just being honest.

What is the price for you to be unhappy?

Why would you make yourself feel worse? Why would you make yourself feel bad? Why?

We’ve had this discussion a few times and I know we’ve talked about this in different blogs, what would you do, or why would you try to make things worse for yourself?

Or better yet, why would you not try to make yourself as happy as possible?

But we keep making ourselves unhappy. I, personally feel bad when I’m unhappy. Do you feel bad when you’re unhappy? Then why do you want to keep replicating it?

Just like we talked about last week. How much better do you feel when you’re happy? So why do we keep making ourselves unhappy?

We go into a partnership with someone you don’t like..
You go to a job you don’t like..
You live in an apartment or an area you don’t like..
You spend time doing things you don’t like..

There has to be a reason you keep putting yourself in that position and I want to challenge you to really think about what that reason is. And then take it one step farther, and come up with a plan, or an idea to get out of that situation.

Life is better when you’re happy people. #thinkaboutit