Life is Better When You're HAPPY

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Have you ever thought about how things would be or how much better things would be if you were happy? Think about it..

When you have a great moment, when you have a good experience.. how good do you feel? You feel so great! You feel so amazing! Right?! But then you end up losing that feeling but I want you to not focus on why it doesn’t stay with you but just keep thinking about how you want that feeling to stay.

What does it take to keep and maintain your happiness?

Whatever that is, it seems that a lot of time we’re always looking and questioning and trying to figure out one thing after the next.. a little bit of this or a little bit of that. But are you really happy doing it?

What is the price to be happy? Well, let me ask you this.. how much better are you when you’re happy? Do you feel better Do you think clearer? Do you find yourself wanting to be around people all the time?

Try to be happy! Sometimes you have to fake it at first. I’m just being realistic. But as the old saying goes, fake it until you make it. Once you continue to tell yourself you’re genuinely happy, you’re start believing it and, then, you’ll genuinely feel happy.

And there are things that are complicated with it.. where you are in life, you may not be making as much money as you would like, you may not to be as fit as you would like to be.. but there has to be something that makes you happy. And then find the next thing and then the next. Because life is so much better happier! Isn’t it?!


are you happy?

Is it your fault?

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Have you ever thought about being at fault? Have you ever thought about the “who’s at fault” question? Seriously.. think about it.

Have you ever thought about the reason you’re coming home too late.. the reason you’re coming home too early. The reason you’re not making enough money. The reason your wife, your partner, your husband.. or whoever, is not happy.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe it’s you who is at fault?

I think that’s a huge thing. Especially when it applies to life and especially when it applies to fitness. Are you taking responsibility? Is it your fault?

Think about that..

One of the biggest things we’ve talked about the last few weeks is you being accountable to yourself. Are you taking the blame to be held accountable to yourself. Start with that..

It’s definitely your fault first. You can’t get mad at somebody or mad at the way the world is too.

You can’t get mad at somebody for being negative without being negative.. so stop being negative.
You can’t get mad at people who are doing something you don’t like.. spending too much money, or whatever it is.

It is your fault..

It’s happened to me. I know when I’m in a situation and things don’t go the way I want them to go, it’s so easy to blame somebody else. Well “this” happened.. “this” person left.. well “this” person just isn’t a happy person… yeah but, am I doing whatever it takes to be the best version of myself first? It all starts here..


the moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life

Do you run your day or does your day run you?

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How do you manage your days? Think about it..

What does your schedule look like? Do you have your goals written down like we talked about in a previous post? Do you have your goals written down for the year? What about this month.. or even this week?

I think it all comes down to what your time management is like. It’s something I know being a business owner, being a husband, being a dad.. it’s one of the hardest things to do. But how do you schedule out your time? What do you write down? What do you write out each and every day? Do you have a schedule of stuff? Because if you don’t schedule things in, do you ever really get it done? Think about it..

I know for me, if I don’t have it written down, I almost never get it done. I’m always scrambling and trying to figure things out, then I get stressed because I don’t feel like I got anything done today. And that’s on me. I didn’t write anything down, I didn’t have any notes. I didn’t make it a priority to figure out what my top 3 things are that I need to get done today.

Think about that..

Are you writing things down.. we’ve talked about this before but it really is that important. Do you have your schedule and your goals written down? Do you think about where you see yourself? Do you know where and what you want to be?

If you do.. great! All it is is writing your priorities down which creates a plan and leads to action. All the while, realizing you only have a certain amount of time and being realistic with your expectations.


the bad news, time flies.. the good new, you're the pilot

How Fit is Your Trainer?

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How fit is your trainer? Think about it..

If you’re trying to tell people to lose all this weight, change their lifestyle, not do or do certain things, to eat certain foods, to not drink alcohol… are you also doing those things?

Seriously. Think about it..

You pay this money, change your life, do all these things, wear their shirts, buy the shoes they suggest to you, and then the trainer themselves is overweight, can’t run a mile, can’t do a pull-up, can’t do a push-up, is always eating pizza and drinking wine.. and this is the person you’re listening to? Really!? You’re paying money to this person who is doing the exact opposite of what they’re telling you.

Think about it..

The person who you should be choosing to go to for fitness and/or health and community should embody (mind and body) exactly who and what you yourself want to represent.


Be the leader you would want to follow

Do you have a mentor?

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Do you have a mentor? Do you have somebody who you see and/or talk to on a regular basis who gives you feedback on how you’re doing, what you’re doing, and is honest with you about whether you should or should not be doing that..?

I’ve got 3 really great mentors in my life. I am so thankful to have them! I’m so thankful they’re in my life.

I have my wife, God bless her. She hears and knows everything I’ve got going on in my life.

And the other 2 guys I look to, turn to, and, basically, tell everything to. I love how when I call or text them, within 24-48 hours, I have them reaching out to help me. I never thought about how hard something can or could be until you have that person in your life to tell you it’s good, it’s bad, keep going, this is not the right direction.. whatever that might be.

I’m so thankful for my mentors. I’m so thankful that I’m also willing to push myself to go talk to people and ask these questions and have these hard discussions, sometimes, about money, life, my passion, about where my business is going.. etc.

I don’t know how anyone could do it without help.

So, for this week, think about who your mentor is.

Do you have one?
Do you need one?
Do you not need one? (God bless you.. I honestly don’t know how you make it without mentors.)

But I just want to make this post more about my thanks and praise for my mentors and how much they have helped me to do what I’m trying to do within my business. And I’m especially grateful to find those mentors who have been where I am and have been where I want to go. Whether it’s someone who has a small business, or whether they’re in the fitness business (which both of mine are), and I’m also extremely grateful for my wife.

So, find those mentors, have those people, seek them out, thank them, thank those people and say, “Hey, without you I wouldn’t be where I am. So thank you!”

#thinkaboutit Where would you be without your mentors?

There is no lack of knowledge.. just a lack of being willing to ask for help

If you don't use it, you lose it!

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Think about it, if you don’t move, you lose it. We’re only going to get older, right!? Or at least as far as I know.

If you don’t move, you lose it.

I remember so many times in class, you have a client say..
“Oh, I don’t want to do that. I’m too old!” ..or,
“Oh, I can’t do that because of my knee.” ..or,
“Oh, my back hurts; I shouldn’t do that.”

Well guess what, if you stop jumping or moving or you don’t do anything at all, you’re going to lose it.

Do you think it’s smart to start hampering every little thing you think you might not do well? Or should you try it out? If you can’t jump too high or run too far.. start out small. Maybe go up on your toes to do something; there are always modifications. Because, if you’re not going to be using these parts of your system, yeah, you’re not going to be able to use them anymore.

I had a young athlete tell me one time that he didn’t have a good vertical jump; did you never have a good vertical jump because no one ever trained you right, or you just don’t ever try, or you don’t try to jump as high as you can time and time again over 6-8 weeks with proper resistance training?

Think about it.

Or you have someone say, “Hey I’m in my 50’s and I used to run all the time but now I don’t/can’t because my back hurts.”

No, you CAN run, you just may need to run a shorter distance, or increase your strength training, or maybe just make modifications.

If you don’t keep using things, you lose them.


Never let a stumble in your journey be the end of your story

Enough is Enough!

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When is enough, enough? Think about it.

Is it ever enough to be super skinny?
Is it ever enough to be super strong?
Is it ever enough to have a ton of money?
Is it ever enough not to have money?

Is it ever enough to have.. what? Whatever that might be… do you ever think, “I need more of “this”?


But is it ever really enough? And what is enough?

We talked a while back about knowing your WHY, finding these reasons and trying to figure these things out, but what does all this mean? What is enough?

Honestly, I don’t know. You have to figure it out for yourself. I suggest you write these things down, put these things down on paper, and you WILL figure out more and more what is enough. But you’re also going to figure out.. it selfish? it gluttonous? it narcissistic?

Because it might be.

And when you do figure out what you think is enough, I want to encourage you to share it with people. Share it with us. Share it with your family and friends.. and they will be able to help to point you in the right direction, help you figure it out and give you some clarity.


enough is enough

Are you putting in the work?

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We had a post a couple of months ago about doing work. The results you want to have, the way you want to look, how you want to feel…

Remember those goals you write down whenever you sit down with either me or someone on my team and we ask you some of these questions…

Where do you see yourself going?
Why do you want to do this?
Why do you want to come in here?
Why does this matter to you?
Why do you want to be healthy?

Are you showing up?
Are you putting in the work?
Are you watching what you eat?
Are you writing down what you have in that meal?
Are you talking to our coaches about how you can be more successful?
Are you talking to your personal accountability partner about how you can be more successful?

Are you?

Where are you on that?
Have you been doing it?

You still got to do work. You have got to put that time in!

There’s a difference between what you say you want and what you end up doing.

So this is the follow-up blog.. are you doing it? Are you on top of it? Are you committing to your goals? Are you showing up all the time?

You cannot be successful only coming to our fitness classes once or twice a week. You have to show up minimally 3, ideally 5 times a week; that is going to be an active and healthy person. And not only an active, healthy person for your fitness goals, but it’s also an active, healthy person for you to be able to keep disease away, to be able to keep injuries away, to be a happier person who sleeps better and is more productive, etc.

So, are you doing your work? And if you are not doing your work, why not?


some dream of success while others make it happen -- quote

Why do I need an accountability partner?

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Who is holding you accountable?

We had a post a few weeks ago about how important your community is and how important it is to have other people help you succeed. But who is YOUR accountability partner? Is it your husband, wife, partner, best friend, neighbor.. who?

Think about it.

You’ve GOT to have that person who helps you get into the gym every single week. The MOST successful people in our gym (and when I say “success,” it means the people who are achieving the goals they want to achieve within our fitness community), they have an accountability partner. Every single one of them. They have the one girlfriend, the husband or wife, the neighbor they carpool with.. someone else they can rely on to get them to go to the gym.

If you do not have an accountability partner, you’re only making it harder on yourself. Even if you think you’re that person who needs your “space” or you think you can do it on your own; it doesn’t work that way. Out of all our clients, only 1 or 2 actually come in on their own. All others have an accountability partner.

So to have that success within our community, find your accountability partner. Got it? If not, you’re making the whole journey towards being a happier, healthier, and more fit you, a lot more complicated.


quote about accountability

Do you really know what you put in your body?

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Did you ever think about what you really eat? I mean really, really, REALLY what you eat?

Think about it.

What we put into our body is 85-90% (really it’s 100%!!!) as important as your exercise. It’s paramount!

If you do not know what is going inside your body, you’re in trouble.

Do you know how many grams of sugar something is?
Do you know how to read a nutrition label?
Do you know what whole grains are?
Do you know how to find a whole grain on a list of ingredients?

If you don’t know what’s going inside your body, then don’t question why you’re not getting the results you desire.

Find out. Write it down. Make a food journal. Then don’t be scared to ask the question.


Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live.