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Client Spotlight: Diana Yi

She is known by and as simply Yi.

Diana Yi does more for all Wright Way Fitness clients than almost everyone. 

However, you would never know.

She texts people when they are down.

She attends, sometimes, a second WWFit class just because another friend wants to go to class and has not gone.

Diana drives people home from class if they need a ride.  

She has even thrown parties at the gym for a few clients who battled cancer.  

Not to mention put together a party for us prior to our second child, Emery being born.

Then there is her own fitness journey. Here is what Lisa Cookston said about it, “Diana is consistent, has worked through frustrations and found what works best for her and is a great accountability partner.”  

Diana has been doing the best she has ever done right now. She attends 3-4 group classes a week along with 3-4 days of running with the Run Wright group.  

Please watch this video below of what some of our WWFit family have to say about her-