February Client Spotlight: Brian Wilson

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We will never forget being introduced to Brian; he took our first class, with his wife Aubrie, thinking it was going to be easy. He returned not believing how sore he was or how truly difficult it was.  

Since October 2014 Brian has brought his sense of humor (although terribly deliberate) to our 5:30 am class and the WWFit family. He is one of the strongest guys, literally doing 11 or more pull ups at a time, bench pressing over 200 lbs., and even running the fastest mile in our class. Besides bringing his jokes and strength he brings his own 80’s/early 90’s playlists (the 90’s are our favorite FYI).  

He makes a point to welcome each and every person, even apologizing if he does not remember someone but asking about them, which seems to be a theme with these kind clients of the month. They care about the client, aka FitFam, next to them. He workouts multiple times a week with Aubrie, aka Foothill aka ADubs. Also he has brought both of his sons Nick and Tim to workout on our weekend classes and even to our weekly Youth Training afternoon classes.  

Brian’s biggest passion besides his family and the WWFit family is his work, read more about him and FELT BICYCLES herehttp://www.feltbicycles.com/blog/?p=4671.  

He has even gotten our Coach Keoni and a few other clients Felt bicycles. Then he was able to get Coach Adam to ride a mountain bike a year ago for the first time in 15 years!  

If you ever notice on the whiteboard for, Finale Friday, a dog, it was Brian Wilson.  

He has left his mark on us as a great dad, as a great guy, as a great friend. He is a great person who truly makes our community unique.  

January Client Spotlight: Joanna Koch

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Strong. Sweet. Kind. Caring. Courageous.

These are all words that come to mind when we think of Joanna Koch, our January 2017 client of the month.

She came to us a year and a half ago but actually seems like a friend of 10 years now! She has made herself one of the strongest gals we have doing marathons, obstacle course races, and even pull ups after every class! However, it is not her strength that we all notice and remember, it is her willingness to help again and again that makes her so special.

When a new client arrives, or it is someone’s birthday, a client needs a card if they are going through something, a meal needs to be made for a party, friends need to be held accountable, or WWFit needs new shirts, Joanna does it. She does it and does it; without recognition.

She really can or could be thanked almost every month but now this month is her time to give HER more love.

She’s the nicest and strongest.

December Client Spotlight: Michael Paige

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Michael Paige aka Paige aka Paiger has been with us for almost 8 years now!  

Can you believe that? We almost can’t believe it sometimes.

He has become such a part of the Wright Way Fit Family.  

He has changed his body from a somewhat active IT engineer to a ripped out of his mind, active fitness man! He has accompanied us on hikes, walks, charity events, weddings, movies, and even the occasional nachos at a local restaurant (mostly with Adam). If you have ever had someone or something you could not imagine being without, it would be him.  He literally has all eyes on him in class, knows everyone, and even follows EVERYONE on social media.

He is the connecting guy for new people as well. We know if we have him in a class he can chat with them and encourage them to return back to our classes.

Besides his transition to a healthy lifestyle over the past 8 years, being a Wright Way ambassador, this past year in particular he made his biggest contribution. On numerous occasions Paiger has painted walls, patched up holes, hung white boards, and even renovated our entire bathroom!

Again, can you believe this? A client who spends 4-5 hours a week working out then spends another 4-5 hours a week on their own time to help their gym is an outstanding person who deserves recognition. He is also the guy who will do something for you without being asked. There was a time another client had mentioned wanting a tee shirt but did not think to buy it for himself and within the next few days Paige had already gone out to the store and bought it for him.

Can you believe this?  

Each month when we chat about a client changing their life or others’ lives we want to showcase not only them but the word or phrase that describes them. He is SELFLESS.  

Thank you Paiger for reminding us each day, week, month, and year how to be a healthy human inside and out. Our place is not the same without some people, our place IS NOT the same without you.

Do you always have to be right?

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Are you always right? Probably not. Think about it…

A topic we had in a blog a few weeks ago was to “stop being offended,” because if you’re always right, that would be boring, and then nothing would ever be different, would it? Nothing would be unique. It all would be what you thought was right and what you thought you should do… that’s really, really, boring isn’t it?

There’s no adventure in that.
There’s no fun in that.
There’s no new experiences to learn about…

There’s no expectations that you thought somebody else could meet, and that you wanted to meet those expectations as well… or you’re watching someone else’s journey and now you, yourself, can do what they’re doing now.

Think about that…

You don’t always have to be right. It’s okay. It’s okay to listen to somebody else and follow their advice on what to do. Your way isn’t the only way and you don’t have to be right all the time.


you don't always have to have the answer to everything

When was the last time you did a random act of kindness?

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When have you done something nice for somebody, just because, with no reward… Think about it…

In our previous post we talked about positivity and how it can cleanse and make things better. What if you were to do something positive with no reward? Have you ever been to Starbucks when the person ahead of you buys everybody’s coffee, how great of a feeling is that? Or when you go to the grocery store and somebody bags your groceries… or if you see your next door neighbor, do you ever stop and say, “Hey, how are you doing?” …Honestly when was the last time you stopped and talked to someone for a couple of minutes and showed interest because you were listening to hear instead of only listening to respond. Simple things like that. What does that do? Because there is no reward involved. It’s a positive action!

So when was the last time you did that? When was the last time you bought the persons’ behind you coffee? Or the last time you sent flowers to a good friend, your spouse or coworker just because you know they’re having a rough week… Or how about the last time you brought your parents or sibling(s) out to eat just because or maybe bought them a card to show gratitude and how much you care about them?

Sometimes, we get caught up in our own lives and we forget to engage with people around us… when it cost nothing to do so! Spread positive action by the way you treat others, reward or not.


pay it forward

Think Do BE Positive

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Are you actually being positive? Think about it..

How often do you find yourself talking bad about something in your life? How often do you find yourself talking bad about someone in your life? How often do you watch the news and this presidential election? And all you see are these negative things. Negative… negative… negative… negative!

Have you ever thought about being positive? How it can cleanse you? How it can make you feel great… and how it has the incredible affect on everybody around you when you say good things and do good things?!

And hey, listen…how you react to things – that’s how you’re made up, and we can always change that…but why not try to change it in a way to always being positive? Do you feel better when things are good? I’m pretty sure most people do. I don’t think anyone feels great being negative all the time. So why not try to always be positive and surround yourself with positive things? Like, positive music, TV, books. Do something nice for yourself that makes you feel good or maybe even do something for someone else that makes them feel good.


Positivity can make things better; it can cleanse things. #ThinkAboutIt

positive thinking will allow you to will yourself to be better

November Client Spotlight: Hillary Biehl

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Today we’d like to honor our November Client of the Month, Hillary Biehl, with the infamous “look away” pic!

We joke around here but with all seriousness she has done incredible things with us the last two years.

Coach Keoni and her have worked together this entire time. He describes Hillary as “hard working through every class.
 She has been dedicated to achieving her goals and aspirations inside and outside of the gym. Her attitude is optimistic with a constant smile. She is a great representation of a person committed to a healthy lifestyle.”

Congratulations Hillary Biehl! This Clint of the Month award is well deserved!

Do you WILL yourself to be better?

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Are you willing yourself to be better? To think better.. to feel better.. to treat people around you better.. to do better in your business.. to be better in any relationship you’re in, with your spouse, partner, or etc….?

Will yourself to do better. Sometimes you’ll hear people say, “Fake it until you make it.” I don’t really think you should fake something, I think really you should WILL yourself to do it!

Example: Getting up early to go to a job, whether you love it or hate it. If you’re on your way to your goals in the end, and you’re putting in the efforts every day, that’s willing yourself to do something.

Another example is keeping yourself physically and mentally fit. That’s a will. You will yourself to keep going, to think positive. To be a good human being, to treat everybody around you and yourself with love. In all this, you’re willing yourself to do better. Right?!

I’m pretty sure that’s the idea of it. It’s not about faking it or lying to yourself… it’s about willing yourself to do better. And treat yourself better and overall be better… Will yourself to be better! You just have to keep driving… and driving… and driving until you get yourself to where you’re wanting to go. #ThinkAboutIt

invest in yourself first

Do you easily get offended? WHY?

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STOP GETTING OFFENDED! Think about it.. If somebody gives you their two cents or if someone has a disagreement with you, do you get offended?

Or in our case of fitness, someone tells you,
“You’ve got to lose weight..”
“You’ve got to get a little bit stronger..”
“You have to do something else..”
…do you get offended?

If yes, WHY? Why do you get offended? All someone is trying to do is tell you their opinion, or tell you if they agree or disagree… and why is that a problem? How do you plan to keep moving forward if you only continue doing what you think is right all of the time?

That’s not how it works.

You have to be open to learning new techniques because not every technique works for everyone… Unless, again, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, you’re living on your own on the top of a mountain, completely self-sustaining, you’ve got to deal with other people, which means you have to consider everybody else’s opinion. And if you keep getting offended when people say things that you don’t like or people say things to you that you have a hard time listening to… GET OVER IT. STOP BEING OFFENDED.

It’s okay! If you’re having a hard time taking that… wow, good luck trying to be a human being all the time. #thinkaboutit

My words will either attract a strong mind or offend a weaker one

Do you love yourself?

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Do you love yourself? Think about it…

We’re trying to make people better… you’re trying to make the world around you better, but do you love yourself?

If you don’t love yourself, how can you love what you do?
How can you love the person next to you?
How can you love anybody else?

I don’t know… I don’t know. I mean, how can you spread love if you don’t know what it is to love yourself? Things go wrong. Things go right. You still have to love yourself; things happen.

If you love yourself first, then you can spread love and then you can learn and know what love is too. If you don’t, how do you do it? I don’t know…

Think about it… It’s the greatest lesson of all, isn’t it?!

It’s the one thing we all want.
It’s the one thing we can’t have enough of.
It’s the one thing we always can agree on.

Love. Start with yourself.


Love yourself