Do you challenge your own perspective?

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What’s your perspective… think about it.

Like you grew up a certain way, you lived a certain way and you believe certain things. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “Maybe my perspective is wrong?” or “Maybe my perspective is different.”

That’s one of those challenges we face as a fitness coach, trying to figure out where people are coming from. Why are they doing what we’re prescribing them to do? And why are they staying on this program? Or why aren’t they staying on this program?


It’s so important too because let’s say you have a client, let’s take a weight loss person, for instance, who their whole life has always been heavy and their family has always struggled with obesity… been a family that has always eaten a high carb, soda & sugar diet, etc.; is it reasonable for us to assume that they will be able to change their lifestyle instantaneously? Probably no, not likely.

But if you don’t have that consciousness to think about their perspectives, how are you going to help them? And I think this applies to anyone. Your next door neighbor, spouse, best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, family member, whoever… You might not have to understand where people are coming from, but you do have to understand why they think what they think. You don’t’ have to agree or disagree with them, but you do need to understand why they think certain things and the way that they think.

But I will say, you really don’t want to keep pushing people to do what you want them to do or to think what you want them to think. You want people to have their own authentic experience and authentic ideas. You want people to authentically and organically get to where they want to get to.

As a fitness coach, yes, keep giving them options and talking about stuff but allow their perspectives lead them, their goals, and their own lifestyle.


less perfection. more authenticity

How important is adventure in your life?

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How much adventure is in your life? Think about it..

Adventure can mean a lot of things… Adventure can mean going to a race track for the first time ever and watching an event. Adventure can mean being in a race car, participating in a racetrack event… or it could mean going to a theme park and riding a bunch of rides… it could be traveling to a new place you’ve never been before.

But how much adventure do you have in your life?

I know that’s one thing me and my wife Becky have been trying to do a lot of since we had Harper this past year, is trying to find some fun things to do. By “fun things” it’s not us traveling across the world, it’s just us doing simple things. For instance, this past weekend we went to San Diego for the day, something really, really simple. Another could be going to the zoo, getting together with family, being with friends. I know it’s fun for us too to go someplace different.

So think about that, how much adventure do you have in your life? And also, if you don’t have adventure are you really leading exciting lives or are you at least trying something different? You’ve got to do something different and have that adventure be a part of your life and I promise you, you’ll feel a lot more balanced out because of it.


blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures

September Client Spotlight: Kimmarie Simonsen

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This month we would like to celebrate a very special client and friend, Kimmarie Simonsen. Kimmarie is the kind of person who always makes her presence known in class with a huge smile, infectious laugh and friendly personality. She is known for cheering on her fellow boot campers, all the while challenging herself to reach her own fitness goals. She welcomes each and every new person in class with a smile and a hand shake and makes sure to learn their name. Kimmarie has consistently met and exceeded our expectations and pushed herself to lose weight and gain strength. She is our pint-sized powerhouse!

In her personal life, Kimmarie is a devoted wife and mother. She is active in church and often volunteers her time to help others. She has a huge heart, and makes everyone around her feel special. And did we mention she also has a killer sense of humor?!

And P.S. If you need an insurance agent who knows her stuff and always has your best interests in mind, she is your gal!

Kimmarie, Wright Way would not be the same without you. You have changed all of our lives for the better and taught us so much. Becky and I are very thankful for you! Keep killin’ it lady!