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Client Spotlight: Michael Paige

client of the month, December, Wright Way Fitness

Michael Paige aka Paige aka Paiger has been with us for almost 8 years now!  

Can you believe that? We almost can’t believe it sometimes.

He has become such a part of the Wright Way Fit Family.  

He has changed his body from a somewhat active IT engineer to a ripped out of his mind, active fitness man! He has accompanied us on hikes, walks, charity events, weddings, movies, and even the occasional nachos at a local restaurant (mostly with Adam). If you have ever had someone or something you could not imagine being without, it would be him.  He literally has all eyes on him in class, knows everyone, and even follows EVERYONE on social media.

He is the connecting guy for new people as well. We know if we have him in a class he can chat with them and encourage them to return back to our classes.

Besides his transition to a healthy lifestyle over the past 8 years, being a Wright Way ambassador, this past year in particular he made his biggest contribution. On numerous occasions Paiger has painted walls, patched up holes, hung white boards, and even renovated our entire bathroom!

Again, can you believe this? A client who spends 4-5 hours a week working out then spends another 4-5 hours a week on their own time to help their gym is an outstanding person who deserves recognition. He is also the guy who will do something for you without being asked. There was a time another client had mentioned wanting a tee shirt but did not think to buy it for himself and within the next few days Paige had already gone out to the store and bought it for him.

Can you believe this?  

Each month when we chat about a client changing their life or others’ lives we want to showcase not only them but the word or phrase that describes them. He is SELFLESS.  

Thank you Paiger for reminding us each day, week, month, and year how to be a healthy human inside and out. Our place is not the same without some people, our place IS NOT the same without you.