June Open Boot Camp

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Don’t miss June’s OPEN Boot Camp at one of our favorite serene settings -> Flo Jo Park! Get ready to sweat it out, crush some calories, and, above all, have some serious FUN… the Wright Way! Be sure to bring a towel, lots of water and your sunscreen.

April OPEN Boot Camp

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Wright Way Fitness invites Clients, Family & Friends to join us for an OPEN boot camp Saturday, April 7th!

8:00 am @ Thousand Steps Beach

Enjoy a great view and workout…the Wright way!

Leash Your Fitness- the Wright Way!

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Join Dawn and Jack from Leash Your Fitness in San Diego as they lead us on a Dog Fitness class where you will do:
• Cardio
• Agility
• Core Training
• Stretching and Balance
…WITH your dog! All fitness levels and dog breeds are welcome!

9-10 AM
$20 per person / dog

What to bring-
• A yoga mat or towel
• Bottle of water
• Your leashed dog (No retractable please)


10-10:45 AM (FREE!)

Did you know that 1 in 2 dogs are getting diagnosed with cancer?

It is horrible!

Jack was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor in October 2016 and since then Dawn has been on a mission of research and education.

Stick around after class and Dawn will educate you on some of the simple things that you can do to help prevent this from happening to your pup.

We will go over-
• Food
• Chemicals to avoid
• Essential Oils to use

Come for both or either class! We hope to see you!

Get Lean. Get Mean. Get WRIGHT!

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* Unlimited Classes
* 2 Semi-Private Training Sessions
* Meal Plan
* Private Facebook Group
* % Off Other Services

>>> NOVEMBER 26-DECEMBER 24 <<< Kick-off session will be at Wright Way Fitness Friday November 24! We'll have a celebratory BBQ & award ceremony to celebrate your victories and the group success at the very end of the challenge --> December 30th! [winnings are based on total % fat loss + participation by each team of 2]

-> 1st Place $500 WWFit Bucks + $200 toward “Hello Fresh Delivery” ($100/each)
-> 2nd Place $250 WWFit Bucks + 2 pairs of Nike Shoes
-> 3rd Place $100 WWFit Bucks + a piece of WWFit Swag


RUN the Wright Way- 10 Week Training Program

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Are you a runner?
Were you a runner once upon a time?
Have you dreamed of becoming a runner?
Do you need the accountability of a healthy community and expert coach?


The Run Wright Program can help you set running goals, acquire a new level of fitness as you train with your goals in mind, and ultimately gain a sense of pride and accomplishment from achieving your goals.

Run Wright Coaches will provide you the speed, endurance, tempo, and strength training needed to prepare you to meet the challenge of racing either a 5k or 10k at the completion of this 10-week program.

The Run Wright 5k/10k training program can be customized to your level of fitness – whether this is your 1st race or you are a seasoned runner, we will provide the Wright program for you!

The Run Wright training program includes:
• 10 weeks of event specific training from a certified running coach
• Input on setting challenging yet attainable running goals
• Tuesday night coach-led runs at 6pm at Lake Forest Sports Park
• Thursday individual-led running sessions
• Saturday coach-led group run at 7am (meet at WWFit; followed by open gym)

Enroll today and you are on your way to a greater level of fitness and achieving your running goals!

For more information, email Adam at- adam@wrightwayfit.com

YBR Class with Lynzi

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Our new Yamuna Ball Rolling friend Lynzi will be leading a special Friday night upper body recovery class.

If you have not experienced ball rolling then this is the time to make it happen.

It is not flexibility but rolling muscle tissues out. This particular class will focus on upper body.

So if you have that lower back or shoulder needing some attention then try this out.

RSVP asap.

We have a few spots left.

August Client Spotlight: Kim Horner

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Kind. Inspirational. Motivational. Honest. Optimistic. Energetic. Respected. These are all words that come to mind for our August Client of the Month, Kim Horner.

Kim is the kind of person we all wonder how she does it all, selflessly too!

Many of us ask her, “how to…” questions all the time.  

She just seems to have it all figured out.

She has consistently worked out two to three times a week with us for almost 5 years now! No, literally Kim is here almost every week.

She works full-time in pharmaceuticals for years. Is a devoted wife. Is a mother of 4. Travels for work. Travels across the country for family reunions and even her daughter’s volleyball tournaments, which are across the country too!

Besides working out with us during the week, she runs two to three times a week competing in numerous races and even the occasional half marathon.  

Kim has been connected with all our new and past clients here, always extending her hand and kinds words to them.  

Did we mention, EVERYONE loves her?

Here are some more words from her friends and exercise friends.

Diana Yi, friend and fellow WWFit exerciser, 
“Kim is an excellent choice for client of the month!! She’s really a neat lady outside of Wright Way. She started a FUN running program at our elementary school and devoted countless hours to bringing awareness to disabilities at our schools. Kim Horner is one of the kindest, hard-working individuals at Wright Way. She’s always cheerful, positive and devoted to fitness and family. She is very down-to-earth and always has a smile on her face, even at 5:30 am! She’s constant and been with Wright Way for many years!”

Jennifer Ballogg, friend and fellow WWFit exerciser, 
“Only a few???? Kim is an amazing mom…the type of friend you can rely on, confide in, and gain great advice. She is hardworking and dedicated to her fitness goals. She has an incredible personality and is hysterically funny…she can make me laugh even through the toughest of workouts. She is my idol, my crystal ball to parenting and someone I am blessed to know.”

Barb Arthur, long time friend and running mate, 
“Oh wow! What can I say?! Kim is the most giving, selfless person I know. If I need advise, a favor, an ear…Kim is my girl. Not just me, many people I know (she does the same for). Some things people do not know about her are how much she can can get done in a day! Run 10 miles, make kids’ lunches, drop kids at school, a few conference calls for work, deliver food to elderly, give blood, all by 3pm. She never talks about all the things she does in the community. I could name many. She is an amazing mom, wife, daughter, friend. 
So happy I have her in my life; love her.”

June Client Spotlight: Diana Yi

She is known by and as simply Yi.

Diana Yi does more for all Wright Way Fitness clients than almost everyone. 

However, you would never know.

She texts people when they are down.

She attends, sometimes, a second WWFit class just because another friend wants to go to class and has not gone.

Diana drives people home from class if they need a ride.  

She has even thrown parties at the gym for a few clients who battled cancer.  

Not to mention put together a party for us prior to our second child, Emery being born.

Then there is her own fitness journey. Here is what Lisa Cookston said about it, “Diana is consistent, has worked through frustrations and found what works best for her and is a great accountability partner.”  

Diana has been doing the best she has ever done right now. She attends 3-4 group classes a week along with 3-4 days of running with the Run Wright group.  

Please watch this video below of what some of our WWFit family have to say about her-

April Client Spotlight: The Bailey Family

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It was the fourth of July, 2014. I can still remember meeting Dan and Kristin Bailey at Dr. Joe’s family bbq. We began chatting about where they were from, where I was from, and how we all know each other’s friends.  

The night went on, we continue chatting about life, fitness and wellness ( my favorite topic). It happened to be Kristin and their two sons, Brandon and Justin, were actually looking for a place to train. I mentioned we would love to help them and to show up on Monday if they were serious!  

Can you guess what happened next?  

Kristin showed up! Eventually the rest of the family did as well. The Bailey family has attended countless open boot camps, hiked Catalina, stand up paddle boarded, bought virtually every piece of WWFit swag, referred many friends/family, and consistently attend classes every week; they are THE type of family we want at WWFit.

Besides their impact with the WWFit team they have touched and welcomed almost everyone in every class they attend (a kind quality all COM’s share).  

Here are a few of their fit friends’ comments:

Hillary Biehl, co worker/friend/exercise pal-
“Supportive, friendly, committed, amazing peeps.”

George Garica, Dan’s GL GM GW partner/group class partner- 
“I’m so lucky to be part of the fitness fam with Dan and Kris. They make fitness fun and I  can always count on having a good laugh with them and our 6pm crew.”

Bailli Linton, fellow 6pm-er/fellow Bailey-
“Such supportive, fun, energy to be around. They constantly are cheering others on and encouraging everyone to do their best! They’ve made 6pm feel like a little family.”

Debbie Williams, friend/running partner-
“Great couple! Dedicated, motivating, determined, very reliable!”

Joe Harrigan aka Joe Bait, running partner/fellow 6pm-er-
“Definitely two very motivational people…always a blast to work out with them… things that define the Baileys are: discipline, drive, determination, positive energy, and caring.”

The Baileys are people who are POSITIVELY making our community better. 

March Client Spotlight: Kim Higa

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Thoughtful. Caring. Driven. Tough. Consistent. Loyal.

These are the words we describe our friend, client, and one of our longest clients Kim “Hiiiiiiiiiga.”

We first met almost eight years ago when she was looking for a group fitness class at 1pm (who works out at that time, wright?!). She had been a runner for a long time but had not found the perfect fitness center for her. After that first class, we knew it was a match! Kim worked hard, did not complain, and wanted more (must be because she is a Marine), which is the ideal client for us!  

Eight years later, she has battled shoulder surgery, achilles repair, and probably some fitness boot camp battle wounds here and there; she keeps going.


She does not stop her fitness life. She keeps pushing herself to maintain it. She keeps participating in our WWFit community. She is what we always want from any client now and in the future; however, it is difficult to want more when we have our very own special one!   

Besides being an exemplary WWFit member, some others had some things to say about her below: 

“She’s a Cleveland fan…can’t ignore that. She read my book! Lol. She was injured and kept improving. She has a ton of determination. She’s a person who is balanced.” -Tommy Rucktenwald

“Kim…a dedicated mother, wife and friend. Also has a warm smile for you and genuine interest in her friends lives; a kind of friend everybody would be fortunate to have.” -Paiger

“Higa, we had a long run on one of the boot camps several years ago. I did a combo run/walk. She could have easily ran the whole thing but she walked with me so I wouldn’t be alone. Classy. Must be a Marine thing!”
 -Michael Friedman 

“We know Kim likes to workout because there is always hard work and sweat behind her in class. Whenever she is not in class or not running she is with Matt and Sara (her kids) or she is baking Adam cookies.” -Mary Fitzpatrick

“Kim is so consistent with her workouts. She attends almost all of our monthly events, open gym, and open boot camps. Did we mention she is a fabulous baker too? It is one of our most beloved yearly Christmas gifts.” -Becky Wright

Please take some time to get to know Kim aka Hiiiiiiiga all month long.