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Client Spotlight: Brian Wilson

Wright Way Fitness client of the month

We will never forget being introduced to Brian; he took our first class, with his wife Aubrie, thinking it was going to be easy. He returned not believing how sore he was or how truly difficult it was.  

Since October 2014 Brian has brought his sense of humor (although terribly deliberate) to our 5:30 am class and the WWFit family. He is one of the strongest guys, literally doing 11 or more pull ups at a time, bench pressing over 200 lbs., and even running the fastest mile in our class. Besides bringing his jokes and strength he brings his own 80’s/early 90’s playlists (the 90’s are our favorite FYI).  

He makes a point to welcome each and every person, even apologizing if he does not remember someone but asking about them, which seems to be a theme with these kind clients of the month. They care about the client, aka FitFam, next to them. He workouts multiple times a week with Aubrie, aka Foothill aka ADubs. Also he has brought both of his sons Nick and Tim to workout on our weekend classes and even to our weekly Youth Training afternoon classes.  

Brian’s biggest passion besides his family and the WWFit family is his work, read more about him and FELT BICYCLES herehttp://www.feltbicycles.com/blog/?p=4671.  

He has even gotten our Coach Keoni and a few other clients Felt bicycles. Then he was able to get Coach Adam to ride a mountain bike a year ago for the first time in 15 years!  

If you ever notice on the whiteboard for, Finale Friday, a dog, it was Brian Wilson.  

He has left his mark on us as a great dad, as a great guy, as a great friend. He is a great person who truly makes our community unique.