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Client Spotlight: Kim Higa

fitness client spotlight

Thoughtful. Caring. Driven. Tough. Consistent. Loyal.

These are the words we describe our friend, client, and one of our longest clients Kim “Hiiiiiiiiiga.”

We first met almost eight years ago when she was looking for a group fitness class at 1pm (who works out at that time, wright?!). She had been a runner for a long time but had not found the perfect fitness center for her. After that first class, we knew it was a match! Kim worked hard, did not complain, and wanted more (must be because she is a Marine), which is the ideal client for us!  

Eight years later, she has battled shoulder surgery, achilles repair, and probably some fitness boot camp battle wounds here and there; she keeps going.


She does not stop her fitness life. She keeps pushing herself to maintain it. She keeps participating in our WWFit community. She is what we always want from any client now and in the future; however, it is difficult to want more when we have our very own special one!   

Besides being an exemplary WWFit member, some others had some things to say about her below: 

“She’s a Cleveland fan…can’t ignore that. She read my book! Lol. She was injured and kept improving. She has a ton of determination. She’s a person who is balanced.” -Tommy Rucktenwald

“Kim…a dedicated mother, wife and friend. Also has a warm smile for you and genuine interest in her friends lives; a kind of friend everybody would be fortunate to have.” -Paiger

“Higa, we had a long run on one of the boot camps several years ago. I did a combo run/walk. She could have easily ran the whole thing but she walked with me so I wouldn’t be alone. Classy. Must be a Marine thing!”
 -Michael Friedman 

“We know Kim likes to workout because there is always hard work and sweat behind her in class. Whenever she is not in class or not running she is with Matt and Sara (her kids) or she is baking Adam cookies.” -Mary Fitzpatrick

“Kim is so consistent with her workouts. She attends almost all of our monthly events, open gym, and open boot camps. Did we mention she is a fabulous baker too? It is one of our most beloved yearly Christmas gifts.” -Becky Wright

Please take some time to get to know Kim aka Hiiiiiiiga all month long.