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Client Spotlight: The Bailey Family

Dan and Kris Bailey

It was the fourth of July, 2014. I can still remember meeting Dan and Kristin Bailey at Dr. Joe’s family bbq. We began chatting about where they were from, where I was from, and how we all know each other’s friends.  

The night went on, we continue chatting about life, fitness and wellness ( my favorite topic). It happened to be Kristin and their two sons, Brandon and Justin, were actually looking for a place to train. I mentioned we would love to help them and to show up on Monday if they were serious!  

Can you guess what happened next?  

Kristin showed up! Eventually the rest of the family did as well. The Bailey family has attended countless open boot camps, hiked Catalina, stand up paddle boarded, bought virtually every piece of WWFit swag, referred many friends/family, and consistently attend classes every week; they are THE type of family we want at WWFit.

Besides their impact with the WWFit team they have touched and welcomed almost everyone in every class they attend (a kind quality all COM’s share).  

Here are a few of their fit friends’ comments:

Hillary Biehl, co worker/friend/exercise pal-
“Supportive, friendly, committed, amazing peeps.”

George Garica, Dan’s GL GM GW partner/group class partner- 
“I’m so lucky to be part of the fitness fam with Dan and Kris. They make fitness fun and I  can always count on having a good laugh with them and our 6pm crew.”

Bailli Linton, fellow 6pm-er/fellow Bailey-
“Such supportive, fun, energy to be around. They constantly are cheering others on and encouraging everyone to do their best! They’ve made 6pm feel like a little family.”

Debbie Williams, friend/running partner-
“Great couple! Dedicated, motivating, determined, very reliable!”

Joe Harrigan aka Joe Bait, running partner/fellow 6pm-er-
“Definitely two very motivational people…always a blast to work out with them… things that define the Baileys are: discipline, drive, determination, positive energy, and caring.”

The Baileys are people who are POSITIVELY making our community better.