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Client Spotlight: Kim Horner

Kim Horner

Kind. Inspirational. Motivational. Honest. Optimistic. Energetic. Respected. These are all words that come to mind for our August Client of the Month, Kim Horner.

Kim is the kind of person we all wonder how she does it all, selflessly too!

Many of us ask her, “how to…” questions all the time.  

She just seems to have it all figured out.

She has consistently worked out two to three times a week with us for almost 5 years now! No, literally Kim is here almost every week.

She works full-time in pharmaceuticals for years. Is a devoted wife. Is a mother of 4. Travels for work. Travels across the country for family reunions and even her daughter’s volleyball tournaments, which are across the country too!

Besides working out with us during the week, she runs two to three times a week competing in numerous races and even the occasional half marathon.  

Kim has been connected with all our new and past clients here, always extending her hand and kinds words to them.  

Did we mention, EVERYONE loves her?

Here are some more words from her friends and exercise friends.

Diana Yi, friend and fellow WWFit exerciser, 
“Kim is an excellent choice for client of the month!! She’s really a neat lady outside of Wright Way. She started a FUN running program at our elementary school and devoted countless hours to bringing awareness to disabilities at our schools. Kim Horner is one of the kindest, hard-working individuals at Wright Way. She’s always cheerful, positive and devoted to fitness and family. She is very down-to-earth and always has a smile on her face, even at 5:30 am! She’s constant and been with Wright Way for many years!”

Jennifer Ballogg, friend and fellow WWFit exerciser, 
“Only a few???? Kim is an amazing mom…the type of friend you can rely on, confide in, and gain great advice. She is hardworking and dedicated to her fitness goals. She has an incredible personality and is hysterically funny…she can make me laugh even through the toughest of workouts. She is my idol, my crystal ball to parenting and someone I am blessed to know.”

Barb Arthur, long time friend and running mate, 
“Oh wow! What can I say?! Kim is the most giving, selfless person I know. If I need advise, a favor, an ear…Kim is my girl. Not just me, many people I know (she does the same for). Some things people do not know about her are how much she can can get done in a day! Run 10 miles, make kids’ lunches, drop kids at school, a few conference calls for work, deliver food to elderly, give blood, all by 3pm. She never talks about all the things she does in the community. I could name many. She is an amazing mom, wife, daughter, friend. 
So happy I have her in my life; love her.”